26 December 2007

Happy Belated Holidays

Wow! The winter holidays were upon me before I knew it. Between my parents decision to go on a cruise to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my conception their wedding, and small illnesses and a general lack of enthusiasm on my part, I'm not surprised that the space between Thanksgiving and this week passed in a blur.

I'm currently reading a fun book called Journal: The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Amy Zoe Mason. I found it because Lisa Vollrath wrote about it on the blog for the Go Make Something website, which I've really been enjoying over the last few weeks. It's got me thinking about paper arts again, which is kinda fun. I'm actually considering pulling down an altered book or starting another. I've got some fun seasonal ideas which are largely inspired by the Free Printable Images that Ms. Vollrath offered as a sort of electronic Advent calendar on her TenTwo Studios website. The next time that I find myself with some disposable income (amazon gift certificate credits don't count) I'd love to buy a couple of her How-To CDs. I've gotten so many ideas and been reminded of so many underutilized techniques from reading her sites.

Well, I need to get to bed. We had an early morning and Mr. Andi goes back to work tomorrow. I'm hoping to hitch a ride to grandma's house so that Sprout doesn't go into complete fun and festivity withdrawal.