03 October 2005

Free Beads

I'm working on a new marketing plan for my website. It's not really a new idea but I don't know of anyone in the bead community who is using it the way that I am. I want to create a "street team" for my beads.

My plan is to create a page asking visitors to my site for their help finding potential wholesale clients. I need to promote the idea as a win-win situation. What if visitors to my site could go to their favorite local bead store and see my beads and vessels in person, choose from a selection of them, purchase them, and take them home immediately without the wait and expense of shipping. I would love for that to be possible, but what I need is the names and contact information for bead stores in the areas where they live. I would like to reward their help in gathering this information by sending them a thank-you gift for any wholesale leads which result in new wholesale customers.

I really feel like wholesale is a better avenue for me than retail. I would rather spend my time in the studio than setting up a shopping cart on my website or listing auctions on ebay. I would like to use the bead shows to find, service, and promote wholesale clients in the areas where I do shows. I would love to travel to shops around the country and do trunk shows and workshops and speak about ceramic beads at bead guild meetings. I feel like the visitors to my website can be the most powerful force to help make these things happen and I want to create a system which allows, encourages and rewards thier efforts on my behalf.


Daria de la Luna said...

I think this is a great idea, Andi!

Andi said...

I've been trying to work out the kinks of the idea for a while now and really think that it has a lot of potential.