22 January 2007

Eye Candy

Just after Christmas, I got a box of beads very similar to those shown in the video above. The beads were the results of a bead swap amongst the members of the Beads of Clay Yahoo!Group. There are some amazing beadmakers in this community and some of the newer members may well prove to be the the bright stars on the horizon of the artisan ceramic bead world. (The video was made by Natalie of NKP Designs.)

As for myself, I'm not getting as much done in the studio as I'd like. Right now, the depression seems to be a bit worse than it's been, to the extent that I spent most of Sunday in bed with a headache. Today I sent Sprout to her swim lesson with her daddy so that I could stay home. It's the first class that I've missed but I just couldn't face going out of the house or out into the world after the pool with wet hair...

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