13 August 2007

Too long no post

Last night I arrived home from the family Florida vacation. Sprout had a great time and really got the opportunity to get to know my sister who was visiting from Germany. We had a small family birthday party in the condo and Sprout got to swim in the ocean and in the pool at the condo at least twice a day. Her swimming is improving by leaps and bounds.

While there, I found the time to read the first book that I'm reviewing for Mother-Talk.com. I'll be posting my review on Wednesday. In the interim, some of the 100 bloggers participating in the blog tour have posted their reviews and you can read highlights or pop over to the blogs themselves from the blog tour post on the Mother Talk website.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Sounds like a good vacation! I think our next trip to Florida will be to Miami to visit the Cuban contingent, but I'm aiming for those condos one of these years!!! Need to mail Sprout's gifts...and my associate pastor said she & the senior pastor have organizational skill envy of me! If only they knew...