13 June 2005


Continuing the post-bead-show processing, I'm aware that some of the things that I've been "meaning to do" should move up on my priority list. Amongst other things, a great many people walked away from our table this weekend with my business card. Likewise, I imagine that quite a few will be walking away from Melanie's table at Bead & Button with my card in hand. I ****NEED**** to finish what I started with my website and get the new front page online by the end of the week.

One of the things that has slowed my progress is that I haven't felt quite equal to the task of writing the articles, etc, that I wanted to have up before the new front page went online. Which brings me to the subject of this entry.

When I engaged the people who stopped at our table at the bead show, many of them expressed the belief that they wouldn't really know what to do with the vessels which are the majority of what I do. By conversing with them, I was able to share some ideas which stimulated the interest of at least a few customers. I know that Heather's experience was similar. I'm too tired right now to write an article. One of the great things about keeping a blog, however, is that it allows a drafting process to occur which gives readers a glimpse at what you're thinking as you're thinking it.

One of the suggestions that I made for the use of the vessels is that they are great vehicles for aromatherapy oils. Whether you're quitting smoking, trying to loose weight, trying to become pregnant or simply trying to reduce stress... aromatherapy may help you to achieve your goals. I'm not a doctor or an aromatherapist, I'm certainly not qualified to offer advice or treatment, but if you're seeing an aromatherapist, my vessels can be filled with oils and will allow the scent to naturally diffuse.

Here are some of the links to sites which have come up as I've started my research for an aromatherapy article for my website.

I'll poke around more but this gives me a place to start. On a purely capitalistic note, it might make some sense to poke around the provider links on the first two sites there to develop some contacts and possibly some wholesale relationships.

Well, it has been a long day, following a longer weekend and an even longer couple of weeks. I didn't even try to go into the studio today but should make an effort to get out there to work on the keychains for Abe at CUADP and the commission for Heather.

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melanie*earthenwood*studio said...

Hi Andi...I just found your blog! I added it to my list-o-blogs to read!

I would love to see a display of tiny bottles of scented oils with your beads! That would make for great conversation with customers and really show a great use for your beads. Great idea!

Leaving soon for B&B...talk to you when I get back. Wish us luck!