09 June 2005


I went to my local ceramic supplier on Tuesday to buy high temp wire for my glaze firings this week. Because of the way that I fire, I prefer what is generally called "Stamen Wire" because I can thread it through the holes in my pieces and make loops which I can suspend from the heavier firing rods which come with commercially available bead racks. Unfortunately, what they had available was 17 gauge high-temp wire which doesn't really lend itself well to the loop method that I've been using.

I bought some anyway because I needed wire and couldn't wait to order some and didn't want to drive to Columbus to get the stamen wire. I'm trying an experiment. If it works, I'll be in really great shape, I'll have "hangers" which I can use in the kiln for firing pieces without having to put the loops onto each piece and remove them after the firing. If it doesn't work, I'll open the kiln tomorrow morning to find a pile of vessels and goddesses which have all glazed themselves together after falling from the curiously straight wires in the kiln.

I got my new glasses today. I'm afraid that I may need to have them adjusted at some point tomorrow. I have a sore spot on the back of my left ear where the glasses appear to be applying odd pressure. The new glasses are attractive, but I 'm really looking forward to getting the other glasses that I ordered. They have tinted lenses to help with my light sentitivity, and clip on sunglasses that will be such wonderful things to have... Especially on vacation next month.

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