30 August 2005

Cameo Drops

These are some of my cameo drop beads. They're temporarily strung in a set of 10. They're made of porcelain and are fired to more than 2300 degrees. (These retail for $5 each or $40 for a strand of 10.)

Porcelain beads are a lot like pearls. They warm to the touch so that when you wear them they begin to feel like a part of you. They also absorb some of the oils from your skin. This will, over time, give these beads a beautiful patina. As secondary side effect, as anyone who has ever inherited a set of pearls from beloved grandmother can attest, these beads will absorb traces of the scent of their wearer.

I envision these beautifully strung with freshwater pearls. I'd love to see what a competent jewelry designer would do with them.

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