16 September 2005

Let's get this show on the road...

Well, if you happen to be in the Louisville area and have some time to kill this weekend, please consider stopping by the show. It would be interesting to meet people. I'm hoping for visits from family who live in the area but am trying to keep my expectations in check.

As I write this, JJ is probably on I-70 somewhere between Springfield and I-75. We're driving down to Louisville tonight and setting up tomorrow morning. The whole set-up shouldn't take long. We'll get the table set up and then start filling pieces into the little cubbies in the trays.

I have an antique wooden type drawer like those used by typesetters in the days of moveable type. I got it free from a woman who had storage space across from my old studio. Someone, in their infinite wisdom, had removed the paper backing that was originally used in the drawer and replaced it with felt. At some later date, someone (maybe the same someone, maybe someone else) removed the felt leaving behind a fuzzy glue crust. My old neighbor didn't think that she could make enough selling it to pay her for the time that she would have to invest in cleaning it. I've had it sitting in my basement for something like 4 years.

After a moderate investment of time and energy in cleaning the type drawer, I found myself in complete agreement with my former neighbor. There was no way that I could justify the effort that would be needed to get the glue and felt bits out. My solution, paint over them with a dark umber paint. Once the paint had dried, I went over the whole thing with some paste wax to remove the dust and grime and it is absolutely beautiful.

I'll be taking pictures of the table at the show this weekend. I look forward to posting them here. 'Til then, have a happy and safe weekend. We'll be doing our best to enjoy the show. Mica's daddy is coming with us to help with her while I'm busy at the table. JJ and I have been friends for almost 15 years so it's like traveling with my brother. Kim doesn't know what she's missing.

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