20 September 2005

Show off

We couldn't have asked for a better location at the Louisville show, really. We were set up just inside the entrance to the show. I'll post more details about the actual event later in the week. For now, I just wanted to post some info about how we set up the table. Mostly, I'm happy. There's still work that could be done, but nothing is set in stone.

I got a chance on Sunday to take a couple of pictures of the table set-up so that I could post them here and have them for my records so that I would have a frame of reference for future improvements. Amongst other things, I'd like to add some levels to the tablescape so that the table has more drama. Eventually we'll get all the kinks worked out and have a pretty nice display. As it stood, we got quite a few comments on the "E boxes" and on the typesetter's tray.

Amongst other things, I'd like to replace the plastic compartmentalized trays that I have in the "E-Boxes." They're not really very attractive. I'd like to replace them with either wood or black plastic similar to the trays used elsewhere on the table.

We had an 8 foot table instead of the 6 foot table, so what was supposed to be a table covering and skirt set-up was adjusted to cover the end of the table. I'd have been much happier with something a bit more symmetrical.

We set the center box up on edge to add some height to the table. To take advantage of the frame-like quality of the upright box, we set one of the black plastic trays at an angle into the box. I would like, when we do the Dayton show, to add some of JJ's dolls as well as some of my own to showcase the faces that both JJ and I make. We got more comments on the faces, and they sold well for both of us.

The type tray, with the back painted a dark umber, created a classy display. The little compartments worked better with the goddesses and shell vessels than with some of the other forms, but all-in-all, I think the pieces were displayed well.

The show contract specifies that we'll have 6-foot tables. Everything looks really spread-out on an 8-foot table but I'm reluctant to make too many adjustments to the display on the off chance that we'll have the extra 2 feet next time around.

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skape7 said...

Glad to hear it went well! :)