11 April 2006

Our regularly scheduled blog subjects

I'm in the process of drafting a series of new tutorials for my website. The first will be an attempt at a comprehensive exploration of the wires used in firing beads and suspending glazed objects in the kiln. Most of the information is actually already available through the blog if you use the tags. My goal is to actually write up a more complete explanation of what options are available, how the different options can be used, and where to get answers to additional questions.

Once I've gotten the first tutorial written and ready to post, I'll probably add a series of links in the sidebar here in the blog to all of the tutorials on my website so that they're easier to find. Since these are web things and not expected to be printed I will probably have links in the body of the tutorials to blog entries on related subjects and to my del.icio.us index so that future blog entries on additional experiments can be easily accessed for more information.

In the interim, if you want info on wires and firing, you can poke around http://del.icio.us/mysticspiral.

On other subjects, I'm no longer freaking out about my pending job application. I have every reason to believe that the application materials made it where they needed to be and it is now completely out of my hands. I'd love the job. I honestly think that I'd be good at it. If I don't get it, I now know that I'd like to find something similar. Enough said.

Other than that, I'm obsessing over an altered book project that I'm working on. The book is inteded as an entry into Etsy.com's Coproduction Competition. When finished, the book will be sold to benefit the New Orleans Public Library Foundation rebuilding fund.

It is amazing to me the way that the book has consumed my imagination. My dreams have been filled with page spreads. The theme of the book is women throughout time. I'm afraid that the 3 spreads that I'm currently trying to finish may be a bit more ambitious than I thought when I was waiting for the book to arrive. I have begun to wonder if I'm outside my deapth. And the thing that is most alarming to me is that I find myself consumed by additional ideas. If I can just finish the three spreads that I've started, I'll get the book in the mail and work on tip-ins to go into the book later.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Sounds like a wonderful project!!! I need to get out my altered book supplies & play awhile now that school is basically done for the semester.