24 April 2006

This and That

The weather has been (mostly) glorious for the last week. Perfect for spending time outdoors with an active toddler. We spotted the root formation at left in a local park where we'd taken Sprout to play on the playground equipment while we visited with a friend. Our Sprout **LOVES** playgrounds. She's completely fearless. She scrabbles up the ladders to the slides and just can't seem to swing high or fast enough.

Warm weather also has me thinking about summer eating. Right now, I'm researching cold soups that I can mix up and keep in the fridge, ready to eat. An awful lot of these recipes call for heavy cream. I'm wondering what would happen if I subbed fat-free sour cream, low-fat plain yogurt, or fat-free evaporated milk instead.

I'm still hoping for a job similar to the one that I posted about earlier. I've looked at a couple of companies that hire bloggers and honestly think that I have a decent chance of getting hired for something in the near future. The extra money would make a pretty big difference around here and would mean that we could probably get a second (more reliable) vehicle.

That would mean some pretty significant changes for me/us. I could join the local "Y" and maybe start back to Weight Watchers and belly dancing. I'd be able to take Sprout for play dates and interact with other moms. A lot of this would end up being blog fodder for my new blog. But I haven't figured out, yet, what kind of changes this will represent for this blog. It probably means that I'll focus more on the studio work and business aspects of my life rather than on the balancing act of my life as a whole. I'm hoping that I'll achieve the same balance by writing in multiple places that I'm currently attempting here.

In the interim, I need to update the blog for the altered book project with pictures of my pages and of the book stand for the finished book. I have packages to get in the mail for a very patient Etsy buyer and my surprisingly patient niece. Once I finally feel caught up on all this other stuff, I'll be able to focus on writing and new Etsy listings.

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