29 November 2005

Santa can't resist that smile

You'd never guess from the huge smile on Miss Mica's face that she was not so fond of Santa this year. I guess that she liked the Clifford hand puppet that the photographer was wearing and tickling her with more than she didn't like Santa.

We have observed that there are few things that Mica actually fears. Masks are one. 3-D glasses are another. A young friend of ours has these Hulk Hands which terrified her. My current theory is that we can add Santa's beard to that list. In a way, it makes a certain amount of sense... Mica just doesn't like anything which obscures a person's basic humanity.

We're fortunate to have absolutely wonderful pictures of our baby girl with Santa from both last year and this year. I'm glad that the people from the mall were willing to be patient while I introduced Mica to Santa and allowed them to become acquainted gradually. Of course it helps that I was able to time our visit for a day and time when there was absolutely no line. I'm not sure that we could arrange that again on a bet. Posted by Picasa
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