23 January 2006

My beautiful little girl

I realized the other day that I hadn't posted a picture of Miss Mica since the end of November. I had planned on sifting through some of the pictures that we had taken in the last two months to find something cute to post but that was before today...

This afternoon, Mica discovered the pile of laundry waiting to be folded at grandma's house. After pulling out a few different items of clothing, she settled on one of grandma's shirts and played with it for a while. Much experimentation led to eventually pulling the shirt on over her head and running around playing in it. My parents and I laughed so hard as she played in this shirt. It is strange how she can simultaneously look so grown up and so tiny.

I haven't been into the studio in a while. Things here have been a little chaotic. I'm hoping to get some actual work done later in the week. I've been focusing on paperwork, shipping, order fulfillment, etc recently. I'd much rather be in the studio working, but I can do a lot of the computer work while Mica plays. I can't really take her out to the studio to play. It's not a baby friendly place. Posted by Picasa
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