01 December 2006

I love the internet

Plant life pendant
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I just finished watching a slide show of artisan ceramic beads in the Beads-of-Clay Flickr pool. (The image shown is just one of the amazing examples of handmade ceramic beads in the group pool.) I can already tell that the BoC Flickr group is going to be a source of much inspiration for me. (I hope that others find it to be as well.)

I spent a quiet evening watching television in my bedroom while spinning. (I got roughly 2 ounces of space dyed roving spun into a very pretty single. I have about 2 ounces more of this roving to spin up.) This is newsworthy because we've had a television in our bedroom for roughly 4 years that we've never plugged in. As Sprout gets older, her daddy increasingly interrupts my television viewing with statements like, "I don't think that this is noodle appropriate viewing material." When I decided to put the spinning wheel upstairs in the bedroom, I thought that I would mostly be using it while Sprout napped. Instead, it would appear that my spinning time will be spent watching crime dramas (think CSI or SVU) while my husband and daughter watch pre-school appropriate DVDs or play downstairs... Whatever gets the spinning done will work for me.

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flowers said...

I made this bead, and thought it wasn't all that exciting. Then, I got so many compliments on it I was encouraged to continue my endeavors of beadmaking.