12 December 2006

Pssst! Hey, Buddy, Wanna Puppet?

Although Catherine's blog isn't on my blogroll, I have read quite a few of her posts over the last year or so because of links from other parenting blogs that I read. Catherine's nephew has a form of MD which will eventually prove fatal. Kristen, from Motherhood Uncensored which **IS** on my blogroll, decided to put together an online auction to benefit MD research in honor of Catherine and her nephew. The bidding starts tomorrow and when I went this morning to look around, there didn't seem to be many toys. I decided to donate the puppet I finished after my last puppet class since Miss Sprout hasn't had a chance to become attached and name it Tony yet. The large pink tongue is usually a guaranteed hit with the kids.

If you have a little extra in your paypal account at this holiday season, please consider participating in this Chinese Auction style raffle auction. There are some great prizes. I'm thinking that I may even submit a bid or two on my own puppet with instructions that if my ticket wins, maybe it could be sent to Tanner.

You may have missed the auction (which raised just over $3,000.00 for MD research) but it's not too late to participate in the letter writing campaign for Tanner. Details are on Catherine's blog and on the Her Bad Auction website.


Her Bad Mother said...

I'm just so touched and honoured and moved that you're participating. The puppet is wonderful, and is going to receive multiple bids from me.

Thank you!

Her Bad Mother said...

PS - do you have more puppets? I couldn't find them on your studio site, and I didn't win the auction puppet (pout).