03 February 2006

Nothing new here

I don't really have anything new to report. I went out to the studio Saturday to grab the propane torch to take it with me to a party. I was inspired by Alton Brown to make Brulee Bananas for banana splits. Other than that, I haven't set foot in the studio in longer than I care to admit here. (Or anywhere, really...) I'm hoping to get some studio time in tomorrow or Sunday.

Other than that, my husband is encouraging me to start a headache diary. I did some poking around online, trying to find an existing template. You'd think that there would be some form of exceptionally useful headache journal format out there just waiting. Afterall, so many people have kept journals for tracking and diagnostic purposes over the years. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that really seemed like it would do what I needed, so I'm trying to cobble something together from available resources. Ir feels a little like re-inventing the wheel.

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