20 February 2006

Project Downloads

Once upon a time, I had this brilliant idea to write a book with one of my best friends. The plan was that we would have this project that we could work on together and an excuse to get together to work and talk. We came up with an outline for the book and started working on it. Since the type of book you write depends a lot on who is publishing it, we decided after coming up with an outline and some project plans that we should concentrate on working up a proposal and submitting it to potential publishers in hopes of getting a contract for the book.

I won't go into details about division of labor, or any of the other problems encountered. Instead I will say that the proposal was **NOT** snapped up by a publisher. To make matters worse, the friend and I found ourselves going in different directions in our lives. The book project fell by the wayside.

I still believe that there is an audience out there for instructional materials on making ceramic beads and jewelry. That said, the process of trying to write and sell the book, combined with the other things that happened in that friendship, has left me heartsick and greatly disillusioned.

I would like, at some point, to write and submit some articles for publication. In the interim, I think that I will write up a couple of projects to be posted on my website as downloads. This should give me some clearer ideas about what people are interested in seeing. If you have anything you'd like to see me write up, please either leave a message in the comments or send an email to tutorials at mysticspiral dot com. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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