20 March 2006

Applications for Competitions

For the most part, I have failed to enter any of the major bead competitions because I'm just too disorganized to get everything done in time. I don't have slides of my work, don't have everything set up to take slides, and never seem to have the money and/or time to get slides taken before the deadline.

I need to work on this. I really want to enter a couple of upcoming competitions and I'm afraid that the deadline will, once again, pass before I have the materials in order to submit my entries. I know that something like this would really help me to get this done.

I've actually been reading a lot about photographing jewelry lately. Once I get things set up, I'll post some pics of the set-up and some trial and error notes. Keep your fingers crossed for me. While you're at it, I still haven't heard whether I was accepted to the Spring 2006 Art to Wear Fair.

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