01 March 2006

Etsy street team stuff

Well, today's the day that Matt, Etsy Street Team Co-ordinator extraordinaire, posts the fliers from the contest for judging. I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with.

I've been conversing with the street team members from the Dayton area and we're trying to set a time to actually get together to talk some of this stuff out. I'm also trying to figure out ways that I can promote Etsy. I talked it up at the felting workshop that I went to last week. I'll probably do the same next week.

I also sat down and designed a card similar to the ones Etsy put up for download that has my info printed on it. I just hate to hand-write info on the cards when I'm printing them anyway. I like the way that the card turned out.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Oh, boy, is Etsy fun! Thanks for turning me on to it...I am passing info to my madre.

That felted bear you made is just so cute!!!