15 March 2006

NC Vacation Report

Things are going pretty well here in North Carolina. Our friend J, who is attending art school in the southern part of the state, drove up to Hatteras Island to meet us. We miss having him around on a regular basis and feel as though we haven’t seen nearly enough of him since he moved here. It was great to see him playing with Miss Mica.

Mica and her daddy have gotten some quality beach time in. It’s really too cold to go in the water, even just to walk barefoot along the edge of the surf. We have, however, really enjoyed walking through the fine sand looking for shells. I’ve amassed quite a collection of broken shells to use as stamps and textures when making beads. I can’t wait to get home and start making beads and using my new tools.

I brought along my needle felting to help pass the time in the car. I made a beautiful hummingbird for my niece, and a puppy to go with Miss Mica’s teddy bear. I also made a tiny Cthulhu which I’m showing off on my Etsy shop. I don’t really want to sell him, although if anyone wants to pay the ridiculous price that I’ve listed him at, I could certainly convince myself to part with him.

I’ve mentioned that I spend a lot of time working in the studio, listening to podcasts. One of the CraftSanity podcasts that I downloaded was an interview with the ladies from The AntiCraft. I’ve decided to write up a couple of needle felting projects for them. It’s not a paying market, but it is exposure and I’ll be able to put the articles in my clippings file to help build my writing credentials. I’m thinking that Cthulhu might be one of the projects that I submit.

Well, I think that her Micaness is waking and I need to turn off the closed captioning on the television here in the condo. My sweetie and I like having the captioning on because we can keep the volume lower, but it drives my parents nuts.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Sounds like a luscious vacation. Your felted toys are just a dream! I love them!