09 March 2006

A hazard for toys and toes everywhere

First things first. Since I now have confirmation that photos have been received by everyone who contributed to the fund for the MicaCycle, I can now post a picture of my baby girl on her hog. She has learned, in record time, to climb on and off by herself. She can rock the motorcycle without any assistance (and really doesn't want my help, thank you very much...) and gets it scooting all over the wood floors in the livingroom of our house. Which brings us to the title of this post. She has no concept of what those rockers are doing to anything in their path. Several toys have been permanently altered by the crushing rockers of death. I nearly lost a toe the other day trying to quickly kick something out of the way.

The same things that I love about this toy are also responsible for its destructive capability. This is one very heavy toy. It is carved from solid wood and it is built to last. It is not going anywhere, no matter how many times or how hard her daddy or I may stub our fragile toes upon its wicked base. But the smiles of pure joy (and the bitter envy of all of my friends) have certainly served to soothe my pain as I hop around on the uninjured foot and try not to swear loud enough to wake Mica as she naps on the couch.

We're getting ready for a short vacation. Mica's grandparents want to take her to the beach. I'm certainly not going to object to that plan if they're willing to include me. It will make things a little tight when I get home, but I'm willing to make the tough sacrifice of suffering through a week on the beach.

I'm participating in an Indie Craft Fair in Columbus on April 1st. I'm really looking forward to the event. That said, I have a lot of work to do once I get home if I'm going to be ready for it. If you're in Columbus on April 1st, please consider stopping by. I'll give you an Etsy flier or something.

Speaking of Etsy, Miss Mica and I had a meeting yesterday evening with a couple of other local Etsyians to talk about Street Team stuff. I dressed her up in her pink cowboy boots so that everyone would know which adorable baby was mine. We got some fliers and some 1 inch buttons from Etsy HQ from the Magnificent Matt. This was mostly a getting acquainted exercise but it was nice to meet some new people. Mica enjoyed having grown-ups to talk to after spending so much time with no one to converse with but her crazy mom.

And now, I should pack. The mountain of baby clothes is not going to sort itself into a neatly folded vacation wardrobe on its own.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Boy, could I use a week at the beach! I am so glad y'all went!