30 July 2005

Blackout blues

My studio time tonight was cancelled by a power outage. I'm not quite dedicated enough to make beads by candle light. Or, maybe I'm just not that dedicated tonight. I'll make beads tomorrow. Instead, Ken and I brought Sprout to visit my parents and we'll go home and go to bed and when we wake in the morning we'll have either power or daylight to work with.

I didn't get much of a response to my post on the BPAL forums offering to trade beads for imps. Heather suggested that I try contacting individuals with large swap lists posted and see if I can work up some interest that way, maybe negotiate a couple of trades for vessels, that sort of thing... I'll see if I can work up any enthusiasm for that. Right now, I'm just wondering if I am fishing in the wrong pond. Maybe it's not the right place for me. *shrug* I don't know. I tend to be a little insecure about things like this. Whatever the case, I asked the moderators to kill my swap post and I'll either work something out privately or I'll think of some other way to demonstrate the use of my vessels at my coming bead shows. BPAL is beginning to feel a little like the wrong path for me at the moment.

Or, perhaps I'm just feeling a little frustrated by the number of things which are out of my control at the moment.

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