03 July 2005

Website notes

I finally made the time to add links to the blog from my website and to add the internal links to the for sale page to certain key pages. I need, at some point, to add some more external links to my website. These are a few of the links that I want to add.

Links to incorporate into website development:


Helen Bates column for PMI with Pottery Tips on the Web from Sept/Oct 2003 includes a review of my site as well as some other wonderful sites for people learning ceramics. [to be placed on Tips and Techniques page]


Basic bead shapes from "The Bead Site" by the late Peter Francis Jr. The page explains some of the basic vocabulary of bead shapes. A link at the end of the page leads to a second page of more complicated bead shapes. A second link, http://www.thebeadsite.com/BBSTPR01.html, talks about the importance of bead holes in the study of beads. [to be placed on Tips and Techniques page]


This page is actualy a catalog page from Universal Mercantile Exchange, Inc. The page shows the shapes of beads available from this company. It is a useful reference simply because it illustrates a variety of styles and shapes of beads. [to be added to bead shapes page]

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