02 July 2005

More pictures of my baby

Sprout has grown so much that it is hard to believe. I had a "Clay Date" at the Art Garden (probably the last clay date) today and took Sprout with me. Carole, the owner, was so amazed by how big she has gotten. It's hard to believe that she was as tiny as she was the first time that I took her there. I think that she was only 7 weeks old. She's 10 1/2 months old now.

We leave on Friday for our vacation. I can't wait but there is still so much to do to get ready for the trip. The purple dress that Sprout was wearing in the photos that I posted yesterday was one that my mom got for her for the formal nights on the cruise. The pink and white one in the photo here is one of the others. It's just the slightest little bit too big for her but she looks so adorable in it.

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