30 May 2005

And the wheel goes 'round...

I set up the MicroWheel in the studio this morning so that I could throw necks for some mini amphorae. I've made these in the past and they're such classic forms that they appeal to the art history enthusiast in me. I make a hand-built body for the vessel and then wheel throw the neck and add handles.

I can tell that it's been a long time since I've thrown anything because I was only able to get three necks thrown, but it's nice to have everything set up and I'm sure that I'll be back in a rhythm in no time. I have a plastic box in the studio with about 8 thrown necks in it that I never did anything with. I may actually consider firing them and using them to make molds of some sort... It feels a little like cheating, so I don't know if I will or not.

Mica had a fussy day today. I think that she may be teething. She cut her bottom teeth quite some time ago so it wouldn't be surprising if she was teething, but it's frustrating when she's unhappy and I can't do anything to fix it. That's another factor in why I was only able to throw 3 necks today. I'd sit down at the wheel and start to center, and she'd throw a toy and I'd get up to retrieve it and when i tried to sit down she'd cry.

Tommorrow I need to mail the pieces for the Bead and Button show to Melanie. Before I can do that, i need to remove the high temp wires and scrub the pit-fired twisties so that they're nice and clean for the eventual buyers. I can't wait to hear what Melanie thinks of the stuff when it arrives.

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