18 May 2005

Show and tell

Well, the contracts are completed and ready to go for the three bead shows that Kim and I have selected. Tomorrow I'll drop the contracts, checks and a letter in the mail and will anxiously await word as to whether or not we've been accepted to the shows. To be honest, I'm not really that nervous about getting in. Kim and I both do good work and we're not trying to get into a market that is completely flooded with similar work.

Kim is anxious to try her hand at one of the bigger shows and is currently in posession of an application for the Lapidary Journal BeadFest in Atlanta in August. I've told her that if she decides to go for it and gets in, I'll be happy to make the trip with her and help to man the booth. It is a show that I might have been interested in trying for once I had a little show experience under my belt but the idea of venturing into that kind of show with no show experience is more than a little terrifying.

The idea of the Atlanta BeadFest is even more intimidating because BeadFest actually occurs before the three shows that we're applying to together. We'll have absolutely no frame of reference for the show.

Right now I'm trying to just focus on getting the applications done for the shows that we're doing this fall and to make the pieces that I'm sending to Melanie for Bead and Button. Speaking of which, the shell vessels and twistie beads are loaded in the kiln to be bisque fired and I have 13 half-moon vessels drying out in the studio.

Hopefully Miss Mica will be in good spirits tomorrow and I'll be able to get some studio time in during the day. If nothing else, I should try to get some glazing done tomorrow so that I can glaze fire the shell vessels. I'm guessing that I'll need to do at least 2 cone 6 firings to get them glazed and I really wanted to get the pieces for the Bead and Button show in the mail no later than the end of next week.
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