12 May 2005

Yesterday's accomplishments

None! Well, almost none. I picked up three of the wooden crates that I want to use for displays at the bead shows. I've dropped them off at my parents house where I'm hoping to use their power washer to clean 50 or more years worth of grime off of them.

The crates were used at National Cash Register for parts storage. I purchased them from a surplus store. It's amazing how grungy wooden crates get after years spent collecting grease and dirt in a factory setting.

Beyond that, however, I got nothing done. I shouldn't have bothered packing up the laptop. I never even took it out of the case. I'm probably better off to try to draft stuff in one of the notebooks that I carry around with me and worry about getting it into the computer once I'm home.

Well, I need to get ready for a doctor's appointment. I woke up this morning with my throat swollen. I couldn't swallow, couldn't eat or drink, and it hurt to breathe. I've forced some hot tea down and some Ibuprofen but I'm really glad that the doctor's office could get me in today. I'm also really grateful that I have a spouse whose job provides us with health insurance. I cannot emphasize enough the value of David Hendley's advice in Clay Times... "Marry Well!"
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