15 May 2005

Down time

I took the weekend off, well sort of. I set up at an event yesterday called a "Swap and Sale" which was touted as a "Garage sale for artists". Turnout was disappointing and there were only a hand-full of vendors. Needless to say, I lost money on the event.

To make a bad situation worse, I followed it up with a shopping spree. Who knew that there was a Goodwill outlet in the greater Dayton area? Who even knew that there was such a thing as a "Goodwill Outlet".

I bought a bunch of old sheet music which I will probably use in altered books and other creative outlets. I also bought a couple broken kitchen tools which will work beautifully as texture tools in the studio. Whenever I look at something I ask myself, "how could I use this with clay?" With practice, you begin to see everything as a clay tool. Which is not always a good thing, as evidenced by the state of my studio.

It's been a cold and rainy weekend, and the week ahead doesn't look much better. The weather isn't cooperating much with my plans to take the baby out to the screen porch/summer studio so that I can work. I'll squeeze it in as time permits but i'd love to get back to the lovely, summery weather we had before.

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