24 May 2005

Glazed and confused

[note: I tried to post this last night but something wierd happened... I'm trying it again this morning. A.]

I spent the day, or a significant part of it, in the studio glazing. To be completely honest, glazing is probably my least favorite part of the ceramic process. That fact probably explains why I have hundreds of bisque-fired beads that will probably never be glazed. I've come up with what I believe may be a clever alternative to glazing. I am going to sell my surplus bisque beads to PMC artists who can apply silver clay over them for interesting effects. Just one more thing to take to the bead shows.

Speaking of which, the contracts for the three fall shows are in the mail. With any luck at all this means that in about 3 weeks I'll be getting all of the information from the show organizers and be able to start some serious planning.

Kim is doing a pit firing tomorrow. I will be unloading the glaze kiln in the morning and packing up the contents to take to Kim for the firing. I have 8 single-fired goddesses to be pit fired, as well as quite a few of my new twistie beads. I also glazed 8 polkadot beads to be pit fired for a bracelet that i want to make.

Tomorrow night I need to fire another bisque kiln so that Thursday I can glaze my half moon vessels and glaze fire them on Thursday night. If all goes according to plan, Kim will bring the pit fired pieces on Friday and we'll pack everything and get it ready to ship to Melanie for B&B. Once the pieces are inventoried, packed and in the mail, things around here will relax a little. But not much, especially not if we're going to do these bead shows.

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