13 May 2005

Something else to consider

As I've worked on my website I've tried to anticipate the types of information which I should add to the site. I've drafted a new wholesale policy which I intend to make very visible on the page. I've figured out a new discount structure so that collectors of my work or people who wish to purchase larger quantities will not feel that they are being punished because they don't have a tax id number. I'm trying to put together a business FAQ which will anticipate many of the questions which potential customers might have. It makes sense to do this as it **should** lighten the demands on my limited email time.

So, as I'm looking at this, trying to anticipate these questions, a related topic came up on a marketing list that I'm on. Specifically the question was, how long would be considered a reasonable period to wait for a response to an email.

Of late, because of my parenting responsiblities and the limited time available to me for either studio or computer persuits, I am not as quick to respond to messages as I was in the past. It is not uncommon for days on end to pass during which I am unable to do more than glance at email. As a result of the discussion on the list, I'm trying to answer for myself "How long is too long to keep someone waiting?"

My current plan is to find an answer to this question that I can live with and then to design a "Contact" page on MysticSpiral which will basically outline how to contact me and what to expect in terms of response time. Hopefully, this approach will allow me to strike a balance between being responsive and living at my computer.
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