17 May 2005

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I didn't post anything yesterday because it was a baby day. Mica and I spent the day with her grandparents and that was the sum total of our accomplishments.

Today was more of the same. When we got home, after dinner, Mica spent some quality time with her daddy while I went to the studio for an hour or so to work and return phone calls. I cleaned the holes on the last of my shell vessels, so they're all ready to be loaded into the kiln and fired. I also started a few of my half-moon vessels. The half-moons are the next vessels which I need to get made for Bead and Button.

Tomorrow I'm getting together with Kim to fill out applications for bead shows and to collect the money so that I can send checks. I'm a little nervous about this. This is the first year that we'll be doing any shows and we're hoping to get into three of them. We'll see what happens.

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