01 February 2007

Habit Day 1

In keeping with my thoughts about creating habits, I want to post to this blog an update on my creative efforts every day. I currently have two spaces in my home that are designated as "Studio Space". The first was the space that enticed us to buy this house. The previous owner had run a hair salon from the attached room that was constructed to the side of the house. The constructed space has a separate entrance (which seemed like it would be a good thing if I ever wanted to teach out of my home studio) and is simultaneously apart from and a part of our living space. Since we knew that we wanted to have a child, this was an important consideration.

Over the last few years, that space has been rendered unusable by our use of it as catch-all storage for my art/craft supplies and projects in process. Last spring, I moved many of my tools to the attached screen porch at the back of our house. It was imagined as a temporary move, just to take advantage of the natural light, etc... I got used to using the "indoor" studio as a glorified storage closet and really grew to like the "outdoor" screened porch studio space. This was particularly true when I started working with the torch again. Unfortunately, with temperatures below freezing, an unheated and uninsulated studio is just not a comfortable place to be. We've been very fortunate that the winter has been so mild and that my access to the studio hasn't been much limited until now.

What I'm getting at is, although I really want to post the results of my creative efforts in the studio, I'm too much of a wimp to go out there. Instead, I decided to spend a little time looking at the forms that I make all the time in a different way and a different context. The digital collage above is the results of today's efforts.

Sprout wants me to make a puppet as a birthday present for the 2nd birthday of a family friend. If everything goes well, maybe I'll get it done in time to photograph it before we're on our way out the door. I'm not making any promises, my educated guess is that I'll be jabbing myself in the fingers with a felting needle as I try to finish the puppet in the car on the way to the birthday party on Saturday. Wish me luck.

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Daria de la Luna said...

Metamorphosis? Very nice, at any rate.