10 February 2007

Waterskiing on Lake Fasimpaur

I had great plans to post something everyday this month... The flood in the basement, the expenses associated with having the water heater replaced, and the fact that we've decided (mutually, after much agonizing and shared distaste) to cancel our romantic Valentine's dinner reservations at The Winds have left me feeling a little at a loss about what to post.

I could further engage everyone in a detailed soliloquy about the psychic damage caused by PCOS/body image issues and the discomfort associated with ingrown nipple whiskers. (But I'm saving that post for Mother Talkers because I want to spread the wealth of my toxic self-esteem.)

At the moment I have a nursling telling me how ready she is for bed. So I'll just apologize for disappearing for 2 days and promise a post tomorrow about the Dayton PrintMaker's Co-Op and an image of one of the motifs that I'm developing for a series of letterpress prints.

Until then, here's a goddess set from 2003 glazed in a beautiful matte glaze from Georgies that is a bluish/purplish periwinkle color with flecks of pink. I need to get more of these glazes... SOON!!!

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