14 February 2007

My First Elephant

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I made this guy in January and have been living with him ever since. I am completely smitten with his soulful brown eyes and his wet-felted tusks. I'm not sure why, but it would appear that he's not really meant to live with us. It feels strange to say it. I love him. I want to keep him. But somehow he's just not settling in and making a place for himself. I think that he may know that there is someone out there who needs him, who will truly be His Person in a way that I cannot. He doesn't seem to be bonding with Sprout, either. In more than a month under the same roof, Sprout hasn't called this guy "Tony" even once.

I've finally faced the fact that mine may not be a house that is elephant friendly. I've listed this guy and a distant cousin in my Etsy shop to try to find adoptive families for them both. In the interim, maybe I should take a break from making elephants for a while until I learn why it is that they don't want to live here with us forever and ever.

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Daria de la Luna said...

He is darling! But, if he's not a Tony, he's not a Tony.