16 February 2007

Not Much To Report

The big news is We Have Hot Water!!!! I've showered and left my home two days in a row. I'm a confirmed member of the human race. (Doesn't take much to make her happy, does it?) Yesterday, after a quick shower with little water pressure but we'll get that worked out soon, my mom picked me up and we went to the movies to see Music And Lyrics. It was pretty much exactly what you'd expect, and I can't recommend it if you don't already want to see it from the previews. Light-hearted, playful... More mullets than I'd seen since moving out of East Dayton... (We have a neighbor who has been jokingly referred to as "The Mullet King" but since his is the only mullet we regularly encounter these days, it's a marked improvement...) How did I think that a mullet was sexy when I was in high-school... Yes, I realize that it was the 80s but I'm not sure that it's any excuse... Maybe they only work for me when combined with eyeliner... Maybe I was suffering from a lack of oxygen to my brain from the excessive amounts of hairspray everyone in the known world was using at the time...

The image in tonights entry is a necklace that I made for my paternal grandmother, aka "Nanny" while she was in the hospital before she went into the nursing home. The necklace was made with almost all of the pierced porcelain beads that I'd made up to that point. (She loved the beads and I really didn't/don't think that they're salable considering how much time is involved in making them...) When my grandmother died (in 2003) I took the necklace apart and made 3 pendants using individual beads from the necklace. I gave one to my mother and one to my sister. After my sister's wedding, I used another of the beads to make a necklace for her step-daughter which I gave her at breakfast the morning following the wedding. Eventually, when Sprout is old enough for jewelry, I will make a pendant for her as well. Somehow it just seems right that we should all have a part of it.

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Daria de la Luna said...

I love the idea of all the family having parts of the necklace. How cool!

As for mullets, I can proudly say that I never once dated anyone with a mullet, even in the 80s! Oh, oops, forgot my ex-wife. But I never found that attractive and actively encouraged its removal! Why, oh why, do so many dykes think a mullet is a good idea???