20 February 2007

Somewhat overdue...

Tonight's puppet class didn't fly. I'll admit to being a bit disappointed but not that much, I guess. I spent about an hour visiting with the shop owner (my friend and fiber mentor) before going to get my sweetie and our darling little angel. I stopped at the craft shop near my parents' house to inquire about possibly teaching there, and may be stopping at another local craft shop to look into teaching needle felting there as well. I've also decided that I need to develop at least one, and maybe more, of my puppet designs into an actual pattern that I could sell either on its own or as a part of a kit. (If it goes well, maybe I could raise enough money to pay for my print coop membership **AND** pick up a nice folding spinning wheel as well...)

The weather today was strange. Temperatures reached into the 40s and we had rain, so much of the snow that has been adversely influencing my mood has melted. The warmth of the air combined with the cold of the snow on the ground made for some absolutely amazing fog. When we were driving home tonight, there were places where we felt as though we were driving into a wall of gauze. It was alternately the most peacefully surreal and most terrifying experience I've had in quite some time. The temperature, by that time, was hovering just below freezing. Puddles from the rain and melting snow had a thin crust of ice, it reminded me of the burnt sugar on creme brule and I must have spent 5 minutes crunching the ice with the toe of my shoe while Sprout's daddy got her settled into her carseat. As cool as that ice was while I played in the driveway of my parent's house, knowing that we couldn't see far enough ahead to avoid patches of it on the way home made us super cautious. Even so, I must admit that a part of me wanted to park the car somewhere and just sit and bask in the unique silence that accompanies a heavy fog. I sometimes wish that I could simulate that environment in my studio. There's no telling how much work I could get done.

Speaking of work, Melanie (co-founder of Beads-of-Clay and owner of Earthenwood Studio) worked with Caren from Reliving Moments to create this wonderful video to promote BoC at shows like Bead and Button. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, although the YouTube version doesn't really do it justice.

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